Dedicated Support for the Cannabis Industry

Wordpress Website Design, Maintenance, & Hosting

WordPress Website Design

Each site is fully managed with updated security protocols and adheres to SEO best practices.

E-Commerce Store

We sell products online through your store which has a separate dedicated hosting with additional security protocols to ensure safety and prevent loss.

Social Media Integration

With Wordpress, your website can be synced to several social media platforms.  Posting to your blog will automatically post to your desired social media site. Spread the word and see your sales increase, all while keeping your site updated.

Providing Technical Support to Dispensaries Nationwide with Information Technology Services that equips cannabis business owners with an online tool which markets their business, easily tracks and update products, prices, and total inventory.

Wordpress Website Design
E-Commerce Online Store Creation
Computer Application Support
Social Media Marketing

Our mission is to educate, market, and share medical marijuana with mankind for the purpose of offering comfort and healing to people suffering from life threatening illnesses


My Promise

I honour and respect all those who work in the cannabis industry and promise not to financially take advantage, mislead, or stereotype them in any way. We are 420 promoters who support, value, and appreciate all that you do.


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